Ready for the new season!

Here at Leinster pellets were getting ready for the new 2021/2022 winter season and over the summer months we have focused on two areas specifically of your business. Our online customer portal, AKA the Leinster pellets website got an overhaul and we started a new branding campaign on your sales and marketing vehicles.

When we looked at our website, we took into consideration the feedback we have received from our customers who have used our website over the years and decided it was time for a change.  While there was nothing functionally wrong with our website, we felt it didn’t portray our business to its fullest and we felt there were areas where we could improve and make our website more user-friendly, easier to navigate, and work better across a range of devices including mobile phones and tablets.

We commissioned “ClearCell Web Design” to take the lead and drive this new website project forward and they have worked tirelessly to create a brand-new e-commerce website for the upcoming season.  This new e-commerce website will make purchasing our residential wood pellets and palletised wood fuels much quicker and easier, while also allowing new customers to learn about our business and what makes Leinster Pellets one of the leading professional wood fuel distributors in Ireland.

Our Sales and marketing vehicles also got a branding overhaul, with a brand-new look that will make them stand out no matter where in Ireland they are. We can’t wait to get them out on the road this autumn.

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