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Leinster Pellets Ltd. retain a day to day operating capacity of 6000 tonnes. If you need to order quantities that would be larger then a normal residential home, use the below form and one of our customer service team will get back to you regarding costs.

Commercial Quantities

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leinster Pellets Truck Two
Leinster Pellets Wood Fuels Truck
leinster Pellets Truck

    Customer Details:

    Product Information:

    Wood PelletsWood ChipFirewood/ Wood BriquettesOther



    Delivery Information:

    TippedWalking FloorBulk Blown

    Distance from Vehicle to Silo (Eg:20m)

    Storage: (Eg: 10m3)


    Vehicle Access:

    Large ArcticSmall Arctic8 wheeler6 wheelerOther

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