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Kiln Dried Handstacked Oak Hardwood Crate (1.5 cm³)

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Kiln Dried Hand Stacked Oak Hardwood Crates -  (1.5 cm³)

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Wood Species    Energy yield (millions of BTU/ cord)

High Energy Yield

      Oak is widely regarded as a top quality burning wood fuel.  Beautifully presented Kiln-Dried Oak split log firewood tightly hand-stacked in open sided crates. Exceptionally clean burning firewood due to the low moisture levels thanks to the kiln drying process. The crates come shrink wrapped with certification of moisture testing.  In acknowledgement of the Kiln Drying process which removes the vast percentage of moisture from the wood leaving a residual amount of approximately 17%, which leaves it in prime condition for burning.  On the other end of the spectrum, air seasoned timber may have a moisture content of up to 50-60%, producing  possibly serious contamination of your stove and flue.  Really easy to store and use and perfect for both wood burning stoves and open fires.  Can also be used in the likes of pizza ovens and barbeques to impart excellent flavour to the food.  Non-toxic fuel containing no accelerants or chemicals, so is perfectly safe to utilise in cooking. They come available in 30cm & 40cm log length.  Moisture content 17%.

      • 100% Oak Hard wood split natural firewood from  wholly Eco Sustainable forests
      • Ultra low moisture content at approximately 17% due to Kiln Drying process
      • Carbon neutral fuel which is a great alternative to traditional fossil fuels like coal
      • No additives or toxic producing gases released when ignited reducing contamination of your stove and flue
      • Aesthetically pleasing stacked or stored in both domestic and commercial environments such as restaurants
      • Can be safely used in pizza stoves/ barbeques giving dishes a unique flavour as it is non toxic.
      • Sourced and processed in the E.U.

      Please note a smooth concrete surface along with dry storage is essential for this product.  Access to the store should be HGV accessible to ensure delivery as a tail-lift is normally used in off-loading.  Moffett Mounty delivery may also be available as an option depending on site.  If in any doubt as to the procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact the Sales Office on 045 404342/ 087 6116600.
      Pallet size: 1.5 cm³ crate of Kiln Dried Oak split firewood - 25cm length.

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