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Horse Bedding

Leinster Pellets Ltd. Wood Pellets Horse Bedding

Equine BeddingLeinster Pellets Ltd. Wood pellet horse bedding is the most efficient and effective way to control the cleanliness of your stables.  As well as providing a hygienic alternative to traditional horse bedding, wood pellets also offer your horse a soft and comfortable bed each night.

Much more absorbent than horse bedding shavings or straw, on average wood pellets are four times as absorbent as traditional bedding.  Leinster Pellets Ltd. Wood pellet horse bedding is easy to use and reduces the amount of mucking out required.

Why should I choose Leinster Pellets Ltd. Wood pellets horse bedding?

In addition to being a cost effective, clean and comfortable solution, wood pellet horse bedding is also environmentally friendly as it is created from 100% natural product.

•    Nearly half the price of shavings; kilo for kilo.

•    3 – 4 times the absorbency over shavings.

•    Quick to muck out, easy to use, handle, apply and maintain.

•    Manufactured at high temperature eliminating hydrocarbons and other allergens to provide a sterile and low dust environment.

•    Fully microbiologically tested and approved by Irish Equine Centre.

•    Ammonia kept low due to rapid absorption contributing to improved hoof health.

•    Biodegradeable nature means that it is easy to dispose of and can be used as a fertilizer or on the compost heap. Normally reduces the muckheap by half but quality is doubled. More actual manure in heap so easier for composting and composts in a fraction of the time conventional bedding materials take.

•    Requires less space for storage - 1 x bale of shavings = 3 x 15kg bag wood pellets.

•    60 – 70% less wastage, therefore lasts longer saving you approximately €400 - €500 per stable per year. Great news for your pocket!

•    Great fresh pine smell masking any unpleasant odours. Due to the rapid absorption of the urine, combined with the slower chemical breakdown of ammonia in the urine the result is a fresher smelling stable.

How many bags will I need for one stable?

Equine BeddingDepending on the size of the stable, we would suggest 10 – 12 bags (without mats) or 6 -8 bags(with mats) to lay the initial bed in a 12' x 12' stable. Afterwards one/two bags a week should be sufficient to replenish and maintain a dry bed on the assumption the soiled bedding is removed daily depending on your horse and how long they spend inside the stable.

How do I install a bed?

1) The stable should ideally be thoroughly cleaned and dry

2) Make ready all equipment needed; water bucket or hose and spreading fork

3) Place bags in rows each covering approx. 1sqft (10 – 12 bags)

4) Cut and pull back a flap in the top of each bag

5) Pour in 7-9 litres of water per bag(dependent on weather, not so much water required in winter as the air is full of moisture)

6) Allow 10 – 20 minutes for the bedding to fluff up (expand)

7) When the bedding feels dry to the touch, empty and spread evenly over the desired are and build side banks if required (factor in 3-4 additional bags if quite substantial banks are required)

The bed depth should ideally be 75 – 100 mm (without mats). A well-made initial bed will ultimately result in using less bedding over time. Please note this is a guide only as everyone has preferences for bed depths and or special requirements etc.

Maintaining a bed – 1 bag per week is sufficient?

1) Muck out as per normal

2) Empty bag and distribute as required

Equine BeddingIdeally the bedding should be left undisturbed as far as possible for optimum control of wet and odour. The bedding is so absorbent, it takes moisture from the droppings, so when you muck out take care to pick up just the droppings pile, avoiding taking too much bedding with it. Remove solids on a daily basis by shaking the form and letting the dry pellets fall back on to the bedding surface. Try to avoid mixing the bedding too much. Carefully take out saturated patches without removing any dry pellets to avoid waste. Level the bed and add bedding and or more water if required should you feel the bedding is too dry (dependent on personal choice). Time to clean out one stable 10 – 15 minutes leaving you time to enjoy the more pleasant aspects of caring for your equine companion.







Horse Bedding

For more information on equine diagnostics and disease prevention why not visit the Irish Equine Centre Website

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